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We rear and sell female Cherry Valley and Khaki Campbell ducks from day old to point of lay. 

This year (2024) we will be mainly hatching to order and have limited availability of older ducks. If you would like to be added to our waiting list for the next hatch please get in touch. Our hatch dates this year are 09/02, 08/03, 22/03, 19/04, 10/05, 07/06, 28/06, 19/07, 09/08, 30/08, 20/09 & 18/10 (approximate dates). We may have some older stock available periodically, please check our current stock list for details. 

Cherry Valley Ducks

A pure white duck with a yellow/ peach bill.

These ducks were originally bred by the Cherry Valley food company as a table bird, but they discovered that they had, perhaps accidentally, produced a good egg laying duck. They lay approx. an egg a day. 


Khaki Campbell Ducks

A khaki brown duck with a light brown bill. These ducks are slightly smaller than Cherry Valley ducks. 

The Khaki Campbell was developed by Mrs Campbell of Uley, Gloucestershire at the turn of the 20th century. Good egg layers laying approx. an egg a day. 


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