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Hillview Ducks is a small family run farm specialising in rearing and selling Khaki Campbell and Cherry Valley ducks. We are based in the village of Cropthorne and are lucky enough to have a lovely view of Bredon Hill from the farm - hence the name Hillview!

We are a small family business run by husband and wife Mike and Mand with the help of children Tom, Annabel & son-in-law Jeff.

How it all began...

For many years we have kept ducks on our smallholding and hatched as a hobby. About 10 years ago we had a few going spare and Mand decided to advertise them - in the hope to raise a little money towards the horses feed bill (husband Mike was threatening getting rid of a pony!)! The phone rang off the hook and so Hillview Ducks was born (and thankfully all ponies remain here with us at the farm!)! As the business has grown it has become our main work and all family members lend a hand - we truly are a family business. We now sell 100s of ducks a year as pets and to farms for commercial egg laying.

We love ducks and are proud that this is now our main business and that we are able to spend our time doing what we love. We are QUACKERS!

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