Chickens and ducks can live together in harmony and we have pet chickens and ducks roaming our farm together, so we decided it would be a great idea to sell both!


Bluebell hybrid hens

A result of crossing synthetic original paternal stock Blue Plymouth Rock with Barred Plymouth Rockmaternal stock

Great egg layers, typically laying 310+ eggs a year.

£20 each

white sussex.jpg

White Sussex hybrid hens

A hybrid very similar to the old native Light Sussex.

 Good egg layers, typically laying 300+ eggs a year.

£20 each OUT OF STOCK

rhode rock.jpg

Black Rock hybrid hens

A result of crossing Rhode Island Red paternal stock with Barred Plymouth Rock maternal stock.

A most popular layer, black feathered with a touch of brown. 
Great egg layers, typically laying 310+ eggs a year.

£20 each


Marsbar Hybrid Hens

A cross between a Cream Legbar and a Maran. Marsbar chickens lay olive green coloured eggs. 

They are placid in nature and lay well. 

£25 each OUT OF STOCK


Speckledy Hybrid Hens

Speckledy is a modern hybrid closely resembling a Maran. 

They have an average yearly production of 250 eggs. 

They are docile natured and great for keepers with young children.

£20 each

Hillview Ducks logo.jpg

Lavender Splash Hybrid Hens 

Beautiful white chicken with lavender flecks. Placid in nature and lays well. 

£20 each