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The Medium Tubtrug Bucket from Red Gorilla is a flexible, weather resistant tub, in a really useful size, ideal for a multitude of tasks

Really useful, colourful & durable rubber bucket
With textured handles for grip
Recyclable & Eco-friendly manufacturing
Food grade and non-toxic
26 Litre Capacity
Height: 30cm, Diameter 39cm
This medium sized Tubtrug is very popular with horse owners. It makes a really useful and durable horse feed and water bucket, but also has multiple uses around the home, including a planter, general household storage, laundry basket and endless other applications.

 NOTE this is very handy for carrying water and feed but should not be used as a water bucket or pool for poultry. It is hard to climb out of and there’s a risk of drowning for ducks and chickens.

Tubtrug Medium Bucket 26 litre

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